It is our pleasure to welcome you to IVFHMS website.
IVFHMS is a cloud-based software application for fertility clinics designed for a single or chain of IVF clinics.
We focus our expertise and resources on delivering the most promising software application solution for fertility clinics through highest quality, secure and user friendly environment.
Our strength is in diversifying your businesses to suit the market and implement effective strategies to achievement your goals.

Operational Modules

Patient Registration
Appointment schedule
Treatment advised and retention
Activity Schedular or patient tasks
Referral or lead management
Patient feedback management
Accounts with treatment estimation
Document management system
Management dashboard

Clinical Modules

First visit and medical histories
Clinical follow-up
Semen analysis / DFI
Intrauterine insemination
Cycle management and stimulation
Andrology / Embryology management
Live birth management
Clinical analytics
Discharge card

Adon Modules

Electronic witnessing system for fertility clinics through RFID
IVF lab quality control / quality assurance management application
Visual assessment of human sperms, oocytes and embryos for IVF lab or training institute to enhance clinical skill amongs employee or students. This aplication also can be use as correct embryo transfer witness.

Electronic Witnessing System for IVF clinic

Enhance your lab procedures with electronic witnessing technology to Improve traceability and minimize the chances of IVF mix-ups.
Our electronic witnessing system track the patient ID throughout process or consumables usage. RFID tag or barcode labels will scan and witness log will generate with process or sub process name, date and time, performer name etc. In case of wrong ID detect, system alerts and prevent user to go further steps or check right material for same patient.
Ensure critical detection and prevention of human errors.
SOP compliance and audit reports extraction.
Increased confidence in you and your patient during every step of the cycle
Ensure who, what and where did process
Cost effective